Start of Something New

10 Apr

Let’s change the subject, shall we?  Lately it’s been all dreary here at funnygirl, but that’s about to change.  I mean, seriously, what’s the point of having a reputation for being funny if all you do is write the blues?  Oh geez, see what I did there?  I acknowledged the fact that people think I’m funny.  Now I’ve gone and killed the funny.  Dang it.

Last night I went to the first rehearsal for my newest project, The Drowsy Chaperone.  I am playing Kitty, a dimwit chorus girl a la Gracie Allen.  Boy is she a lot of laughs!  The nasal voice, the New York accent, the stupid quips…I love it!  AND….drum roll please….I GET TO DANCE!!!  Wheeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!

There is an immense joy that comes with the start of a new project.  (And no small amount of fear, either!)  Sitting around that table last night was a heady experience; many of San Antonio’s very best performers are cast in this show, and everyone brought their A game.  The script is genius, the music is catchy, the costumes are being built from scratch…there is much to be excited about.

So now the fun begins.  Who is this Kitty?  How does she walk, stand, sit?  How does she talk, how does she laugh?  What are her expressions, her subtle movements?  How does she feel about these people she’s onstage with?  What is she thinking as other performers are doing their bits?  Oooo, I love getting into a character’s head.  (Especially a dumb one; how much can she really be thinking anyway?)  I’m a geek, I know.  But I eat this stuff up.  ‘Tis my passion.

Tonight we learn music, Thursday we start choreography and blocking, and in a few short weeks we’ll be ready to open.

Cue the “let’s put on a show” music, and we’re off!!



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