Miss Independent

2 Apr

“For your information, mom, I don’t need you.  I don’t need a mother OR a father.  I don’t need this house or any of my stuff.  And I definitely don’t need YOU!!!”


Oh, my sweet precious girl.  I know.  I know how desperate you are to be independent; to do life on your own terms.  I know I drive you absolutely crazy with my audacious daily request to “do school”.  I know you want to do your OWN thing, every second of every minute of every hour of the day.


But here’s the thing, my love.  I’m getting you ready.  Every time I ask you to learn something new I am teaching you what you need to do life on your own.  When I repeat myself over and over to make sure you understand, it’s because one day I won’t be there, but my voice will play in your head, telling you what you need to know.   When I say no, it’s so one day I can say yes.


I want nothing more than for you to be independent one day.  You are desperate for it now, and I am desperate for it to actually happen some day. I could fail you in this; I could keep you too close, hold you too tight, never let you experience the pain that is independence. But I promise, my darling, I will let you fly.  I will kick you out of this nest one day, and you’ll fall for a time, but then you’ll find your wings and you will fly.


But not yet.  It’s not quite time, baby girl.  Soon, very soon.  But not yet.


Stay in the nest a little longer, my dear.  Let me hold you under my wing for a few more years.  Let me get you ready for this world.


And then, when it’s time, you will fly.




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