The L.O.V.E. Academy

15 Jan

2011 was horrible.  I don’t mean bad.  I mean terrible, awful, heinous, ohmygoshIcan’tlivethroughanotheryearlikethis HORRIBLE.  It’s an understatement, really.  There just aren’t words to describe the sheer depth of the pain we endured as a family in 2011.

So it should come as no surprise that 2012 is a year of radical change at our house.  First and foremost, we finally decided to homeschool our Sweet Pea.  After parsing through all of the issues that she faces, and all of her reactions to these issues, we thought it might be worthwhile to remove school itself as a stimulus for her anxiety.   Perhaps without the daily struggle of maneuvering a public school she would relax and be able to enjoy life again.  It was worth a try, anyway.


I’m knocking on wood as I say this, but SO FAR SO GOOD!!  She loves it!  She had literally begged us for years to homeschool her, but that’s not the kind of request one gives into lightly, you know?  Gosh, I wish now I had done this ages ago.  There is a 180 degree change in our daughter.  She is relaxed, happy, and LOVING LEARNING.  Who knew??  I feel like we are finally seeing the bright, inquisitive child that we lost years ago.

Miracle?  Too soon to tell.  But I am praying daily that she continues to thrive here and can finally get back to the task of maturing into a young lady who is ready to conquer the world, rather than be defeated by it.





One Response to “The L.O.V.E. Academy”

  1. Brenda Book Henderson February 8, 2012 at 2:51 pm #

    Hi, I saw your post on TWTM about a reluctant writer….I am dealing with the same after removing boys from public school this time last year. I have found a new way of thinking and approach to the subject of writing development from Cindy Rushton. She has been a great help to me and a source of encouragement. Learning things do not have to be as tedious and as difficult as a ps classroom can make them out to be. 🙂 Children learn naturally. Search Cindy’s sites and estore for reluctant writer, Language arts the easy way, and Homeschooling the easy way and I hope you find some help. Sounds like you have a very special girl!

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