Hey Tony Awards — Here I Am!!!

17 Jun

When you’re a musical theatre-obsessed, New York-obsessed, red carpet-obsessed girl like me, the Tony Awards are THE event of the year.  And when your girlfriend calls and says “hey, let’s go to the Tony’s this year, what do you think?” you say “Yes” without thinking and then you spend the next six weeks obsessing over every detail from shoes to earrings to how-am-I-going-to-break-this-to-Hubs and how-in-the-world-am-I-going-to-afford-this…and then the day comes….but I’m jumping ahead.

The first question everyone asks is “How did you get tickets???”  Simple.  You just buy them.  We knew the time and date that they would go on sale (for the record, it’s 9am on the day that the nominations are announced), and my girlfriend was johnny-on-the-spot with ticketmaster and that was that.  Two tickets in the first mezzanine.  And since there are three (that’s right, THREE!!) balconies at Radio City, we were thrilled with our location!

Then, my travel-savvy girlfriend Pricelined us the four-star Hilton two blocks up 6th Avenue from Radio City for…are you sitting down??….$120.  Total.  First try. 

Next came the dress.  I have a wonderful friend who has a closet full of beautiful dresses and she offered them to me for the choosing.  I went with a blue Betsey Johnson frock that was formal but still playful, and had a fabulous vintage feel to boot.  I was having a terrible time trying to decide between silver and gold accessories when I snagged a pair of silver sparkly shoes with a gold peep toe and gold heel at (get ready for this) TJ Maxx (!!) for only 40 bucks!  I’m pretty sure I shrieked when I found them.  They were sitting alone on the size 8 rack, just waiting for me to come along.  I could hear the orchestra swell and the spotlights focus in as I turned the corner and spotted them.  Seriously…it was shopping nirvana.  Simple earrings and a bracelet and I was ready.

We got the friend-of-a-friend hook-up for our hair and makeup.  We thought about making appointments near the hotel, but decided it would just be more fun to have someone come to the hotel to do us up.  The fantastic Efthemia came to our room armed with more makeup and curling irons than she could carry.  We had champagne and pizza and chocolate and regaled Efthemia with our many ridiculous NYC tales while she worked on getting us beautiful.   Here’s the back of my girlfriend’s hair…gorgeous!!!

And here’s my hair and makeup…there’s a little rhinestone clip tucked behind my right ear. 

By the time we set out to walk the two blocks to the theater it was threatening rain.  We made it down the street and snapped a pic before we had to put up the umbrellas.

We were guided to a LONG line that went well up 51st street in order to enter the theatre.  By this time it was sprinkling, so there were umbrellas everywhere.  I love this pic….look at all the movement behind us….quintessential New York.

When we entered the theater it was already packed!  I hung out on the grand staircase (it’s possible that blue dot on the staircase is me) doing some people watching while my date went to find champagne.  She snapped this pic from the third balcony lobby…somewhere in there are a lot of celebrities, but they were impossible to spot in the crowd.

We found our way to our seats and were happily reunited with some new friends that we had made while in line.  We also became acquainted with some gentlemen who gave us tips on trying to sneak into the Gala afterwards.  More on that later.   Here are a couple of more snaps of us from the first mezz.

  Two VERY excited ladies….

   Almost full length….

  And a blurry shot of the shoes…for those of you playing along at home.

And thus the evening began…more to come in Part Two!!!!


3 Responses to “Hey Tony Awards — Here I Am!!!”

  1. GiGi June 18, 2010 at 12:26 pm #

    Loving it…keep it coming.

    • Caitlin June 23, 2010 at 10:48 pm #

      Stumbled onto your blog. I can’t believe you went to the Tony Awards. Lucky you! Post more.

  2. Efthemia Stefanou July 29, 2010 at 12:24 pm #

    thanks for mentioning me in ur blog girl!!! It was a fantastic day!!

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