Would you rather…

19 Nov

Sweet Pea has been accompanying me on my jogging trips lately.   First she ran alongside me.  The next time she wore her rollerblades.  Last night, she hopped on her bike.  I have to admit I love having her along.  She keeps my mind off my aching back, legs, sides, lungs, etc. and for some reason she feels safe to open up and have a conversation.  Perhaps it’s that she knows I can’t give a long-winded answer whilst running three miles.  (*Note:  “whilst” is my new favorite word; apparently I’m feeling very anglophillic these days.)

Last night I learned all kinds of juicy details about the social strata of the 5th grade.  We also discussed Thanksgiving, Pea’s birthday plans, Christmas…I’m telling you, we covered the works.  But about the third mile we started to run out of subjects, so I began a rousing game of “Would You Rather”.  Let’s see if we can glean any deep psychological assumptions about Sweet Pea based on her responses.

Homemade Vanilla (ice cream) or Dutch Chocolate?     Homemade vanilla; I can make it into chocolate with syrup.

Dutch Chocolate or Mint Chocolate Chip?     Mint Chocolate Chip

Mint Chocolate Chip or Cookies and Cream?     Mint Chocolate Chip

Homemade Vanilla or Mint Chocolate Chip?     Mint Chocolate Chip  (The obvious winner, and I never knew.)

Sugar cookie or Peanut Butter cookie?     Sugar

Sugar cookie or Chocolate Chip cookie?      Chocolate Chip

Cherry Pie or Apple Pie?     Neither, I don’t like pie.

Squash or Broccoli?     Broccoli

Broccoli or Sweet Potatoes?     Sweet Potatoes

Wii or new bike?     Wii

Ripstick or new bike?     Ripstick

Wii or Ripstick?     Wii     (Guess what we’re getting for Christmas?)

Ripstick or Guitar Hero?     Guitar Hero

Mexican Train or Chicken Foot?     Chicken Foot

Chicken Foot or Poker?     Poker

Blackjack or Poker?     Poker

Monopoly or Poker?     Poker

Pente or Poker?     Poker  (All this poker-love, and she’s a direct descendant from a bunch of Baptists…it’s sacrelig I tell you, sacrelig!!)

After a careful review of the data, it appears that my daughter is a chocolate chip-loving almost 11-year-old who prefers video games over exercise, likes her vegetables sweet,  and has a slightly precocious love of Texas Hold ‘Em, mostly because she’s good at it and loves to win.  In other words, she’s absolutely normal.


One Response to “Would you rather…”

  1. Darla November 19, 2009 at 10:08 pm #

    yes she is!

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