Ruthless, The Musical

8 Nov

How about some pics from my recent show?? 


Judy Denmark.  The talentless mother of a talented kid, who is very afraid for her daughter to be in show business.  (Note:  I actually cut my hair for the show!!  I wasn’t having a good hair day on the matinee these pics were taken, but I usually had a bouffant/flip for the first act.  You can see it better in the pic above than in the one below.  Also, that is a vintage silk shantung dress that was so fragile it ripped every night during a fall sequence at the end of the first act.  The costumer patched it over and over just to get it through the run.  It was beautiful, and I completely destroyed it with my antics and sweat.)


Long (and somewhat complicated) story short:  Judy’s 8 year old daughter, Tina,  is cast as the understudy in Pippi in Tahiti, The Musical and kills the lead because she so desperately wants to play Pippi.  She is found guilty and sent to the Asylum for the Criminally Talented.  Meanwhile, Judy assumes her former identity, that of Ginger DelMarco, and pursues her career on Broadway, earning two Tony’s and a very ugly personality.  Tina eventually returns and blames her mother for taking HER career.  In the end, Tina is the only one left standing.  It’s (obviously) a dark comedy. 


Ginger DelMarco, being interviewed by a reporter.


Like I said…UGLY.

The challenges in this show were immense but terribly fun.  Judy spoke (and sang) with a high, breathy voice and Ginger in a low, gruff voice.  Judy walked with her butt out, hands in, and feet together.  Ginger led with her hips, always stood at angles, and used her hands wildly.  Judy made me tired…Ginger flat wore me out. 

My brother told me the first weekend to “go kick the show’s ass”…I think I did, but it certainly turned around and kicked me back for the next twelve hours.  This was BY FAR the hardest show I’ve done.  It was mentally, emotionally, vocally, and physically exhausting. 

And I loved every minute of it.


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