3 Sep

The last post I added before my self-induced blogging hiatus was this one

That was days before I was riddled with pain in my right hamstring and forced to stop running. 

 See what I mean?  Helluva summer.

I spent most of the summer in physical therapy, trying to heal a bizarre injury which didn’t lend itself easily to a diagnosis.  Was it my knee, causing radiating pain to the hamstring?  Did I tear the hamstring itself?  Was it my back, and this was sciatica?  Two doctors, some wicked awful tests involving a tazer (!), and still no answers.  Finally we were relegated to take a multi-pronged approach therapy-wise  and see what works.  We eventually determined it must be sciatica based on the results we got from strengthening my back and working the nerve along the back of my leg.  It was painful and depressing. 

Running is my escape.  And I desperately need an escape from the stress of this house and a certain tween who lives here and causes daily drama.  To be sidelined was absolute misery.  Not to mention the fact that at its worst point, I was in pain with every step all day long, so I was constantly reminded that I was “trapped”.  Seriously, I was depressed.

After months of therapy I am on the road to recovery, but I’m not back to running, mostly because of time constraints.  It’s finally cool enough to run here (less than 100 degrees equals running weather) but now I’m tied up with rehearsals.  And I actually did get out for a short run the other day and my entire body rebelled.  So now I’m fighting the mental battle as well.  It stinks.  Stinks bad.  Stinks real bad.

I’m a sad Sally these days aren’t I?  Oy.


2 Responses to “Roadblock”

  1. Darla September 3, 2009 at 9:11 pm #

    Hang in there girlie! I signed up to do the Houston 1/2 marathon in January … and I’m starting to think the first time I might have to run is in mid December. Whew!

  2. Jessica September 15, 2009 at 2:39 pm #

    It’ll get better…and easier. Just don’t lose the reason you love running in the first place. I’ve kinda gotten to that point, which has caused a HUGE DECREASE in my running…as in almost non-existent.

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