I’m Ba-ack!

29 Dec

What a trip!  Definitely enough fodder to keep me busy on the blog for the next few days.  But I have to start with this:  Murphy’s Law.  My friend Murph was in full force here the day before we left.  It was not good, my friends.

So you know that Sweet Pea had the flu.  Here’s the rest of the craziness that ensued that fateful day:

Sweet Pea DOES NOT take liquid medicine.  Girlfriend has been swallowing pills since she was four.  I had the foresight to ask the doctor if we could get the Tamiflu in a pill.  (Good thinking, mom!)  However when I arrived at the pharmacy with my prescription I was told that they didn’t carry that strength.  I called 5 other pharmacies trying to find it, but no luck.  And since we were leaving town the next morning I couldn’t order it.  Nice.  So we took the liquid – half of which was covered by insurance, the other half we paid out of pocket.  Gulp.  But who isn’t willing to pay $140 to get their child better for Christmas??  The first dose was bad, the second was worse, and by the time we hit Amarillo we had a full-on battle.  I was afraid someone was going to call the front desk to report all the yelling coming from room 217.  She ended up taking only half of the prescription; I threw away the second bottle.  Bye-bye, hundy!

Back to Thursday.  I buy a bunch of popsicles to try to get some fluids into Pea.  So she’s playing on the computer and leans the frozen lemonade container onto the keyboard.  I tell her in no uncertain terms that this is definitely not a good idea.  Two hours later?  Yep.  Lemonade all over the keyboard.  Not just in one spot, not just on the number pad.  All over.  From qwerty to the space bar.  Hubs unplugs it and takes it out to throw it away.  Later we decide we need to check the weather one more time, so he brings the keyboard back in, but it slides on him and now there’s a trail of lemonade slush all over the carpet.  Just what we needed. 

Finally, I’m in the shower Thursday night.  Totally exhausted.  And the head of my razor detaches from the handle, falls, and cuts me three times on my leg before hitting the shower floor.  Seriously??  Seriously. 

Now some folks might have thought this was all a bad omen, and we shouldn’t take the trip.  Thankfully things got MUCH better once we drove out on Friday morning.  We had a totally uneventful drive, and made it to Breckenridge by about 3:00 Saturday.  Turns out Sweet Pea is a great little traveler!  (Of course, it could be that her fever kept her from using all her powers for evil.  And in that case?  Blessing in disguise.) 

Much more about our trip to come.   Hope you’re all having a great week-after-Christmas!!


4 Responses to “I’m Ba-ack!”

  1. Allison December 30, 2008 at 1:09 pm #

    Goodness!! What a terrible start to your journey! Glad things started going uphill rather than down 🙂

  2. The Introvert December 30, 2008 at 5:15 pm #

    I’ve been having some issues with Murphy as well, but there have been a few blessings in disguise thrown in there. God has to keep reminding me He knows what He’s doing.

  3. Spring @ forever spring December 30, 2008 at 5:48 pm #

    Glad you’re back and that Sweet Pea was a good little traveler!

  4. anymommy December 30, 2008 at 10:43 pm #

    Wow. At least you got all the bad luck out of the way at the beginning!

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