This, that, and the other

17 Dec

This is going to be a “tying up loose ends” post as I begin the final countdown to our trip on Friday.  

First, thank you for all your kind words on Monday.  If you were praying for us, or sending vibes, or lighting candles, or whatever, IT WORKED!!  She had THREE good days in a row.  Hallelujuh!  On Sunday we went to church, then came home to celebrate with Hubs’ parents who drove over from Houston.  She even gave us an impromptu recital of songs from her Christmas Choir concert.  This was one happy mom!  Then we took her and a friend to Incredible Pizza Company to play games and eat a meal that wouldn’t pass muster in the state prison system.  And all for the low, low price of $35 (just to eat!) plus games.  We sucked it up, because they loved it.  Then we Christmas caroled in the car the whole way home, and let them stick their heads out the sunroof in the neighborhood to sing Rudolph at the top of their lungs.  To top it all off, she didn’t have a meltdown before bed.  She just went to sleep.  Hallelujah, indeed!!

So now it’s time to focus on the trip.  Every time I think I’ve finished my shopping I think of one more thing I have to get.  That’s sort of driving me crazy.  And I don’t know how many trips to Academy (Sporting Goods) a person can make before actually turning into some kind of fisherman’s hat-wearing sportsman, but it’s bound to happen to me, because I’m on number three today.  Buy.  Return.  Buy more.  Return more.  Buy even more.  Swear you’re not going back until after the trip.  Return more.  Buy more.  Ugh.

I’ve also got to get organized food-wise.  We always cook when we’re up there because it’s just easier than going out.  So I’ve got to finalize the grocery list for my mother-in-law.  And I’ve got to figure out what baking I’m going to do to bring with us.  I’m DEFINITELY making another batch of the corny snack mix.  Which brings me to this little happy:  Heather of the Extraordinary Ordinary made the snack mix, and is trying to come up with a better name.  I wholly agree!!  So go on over there and give her some ideas.   Be sure to read through the comments to see what all of her readers have come up with…my favorite so far is Christmas Cornaments.  Get it?  Corn-aments?  Bwa ha ha.  

I haven’t taken a road trip in YEARS.  Hubs and I took a trip to Florida our first year of marriage, and that’s the last time I went on a cross-country trip.  Now we both grew up doing these trips, but we sort of made a deal after we got married that we were going to fly, because we had really moved up in the world.  Ha!  We’re sort of looking forward to the trip, but with an appropriate amount of fear and trepidation, as being trapped with Sweet Pea for 18 hours might not be the MOST fun we’ve ever had.  We’re driving to Amarillo on Friday night (about 8 hours) then on to Breckenridge on Saturday (another 8 – 9 hours).   I’ve got four books-on-cd, plus dvds, nintendo ds games, books, markers, paper…the kitchen sink.  I’m also going to download some NPR shows for Hubs and me to listen to (This American Life and Car Talk…so good!)  And of course I’ll have my trusty pillow, so there’ll definitely be some napping going on.  One good thing about a car trip – napping is allowed, and you know I love me some napping!!  With any luck we’ll have a safe trip, and make some happy memories along the way.  Or we could run out of gas, overheat, get a new rent-car without a roof rack, strap the cartop carrier onto the roof rack using a random array of bungee cords, nearly lose said cartop carrier in the strong crosswinds of New Mexico, smash a thumb in the window of the old-fashioned train, and get a piece of metal stuck in an eye.  (Oh wait.  That was the Stafford Family Vacation of 1983.  My bad.)  See why I’m so excited?  I have nothing but good memories when it comes to family road trips.

I might get one more post in this week, but if I don’t, have a FABULOUS holiday.  Enjoy your family and friends, and stay warm!!


4 Responses to “This, that, and the other”

  1. Kimberlee December 17, 2008 at 12:07 pm #

    Be Careful, Have Fun and Happy Holidays!

  2. Spring @ Forever Spring December 17, 2008 at 6:42 pm #

    Have a safe trip! Happy, Wonderful Holidays!

  3. The Introvert December 18, 2008 at 1:21 am #

    You are a brave, brave lady. I’ll say prayers that Sweet Pea continues her stellar behavior 🙂

  4. Kristi December 18, 2008 at 9:52 am #

    Have a wonderful holiday! Wishing you continued great behavior from the 10 year old. We’ll be doing our own trip across the country to Texas…wish we could have had a visit with you all. You can do it – if I can do it with 4 kids, you can do it for sure!!!

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