The American Flag and Apple Pie

26 May

Happy Memorial Day, Bloggers!!


We have spent the majority of our day in pursuit of that American Dream…the clean house.  A lovely way to spend the holiday, I might add.  (NOT!)  But we also found time to increase our skin cancer risk at the neighborhood pool.  Of course we had hot dogs for lunch…because what is Memorial Day without hot dogs?  And we’ll be grilling up some bird for dinner.  Plus I got some Fredericksburg Peaches on Saturday which I will turn into a delightful cobbler later this evening.  Yummy McYummerpants!


Anyway, back to the subject of hot dogs, I have a question for y’all.  If regular hot dogs are made of, well, you know, hot dog stuff, are turkey dogs made of turkey stuff?  Or is it real white turkey meat that they have smushed together to make a hot dog?  I claim the latter, but Hubs believes that turkey dogs are really no better than regular dogs because it’s all “stuff” and yucky.  So which is it, bloggy friends??


For your Memorial Day pleasure, here is Sweet Pea at the pool.  Good times!!




2 Responses to “The American Flag and Apple Pie”

  1. Julie May 26, 2008 at 8:32 pm #

    Hot dogs clearly fall into the category of “don’t go there” foods. You know, like McDonald’s meat patties, fat free Cool Whip and fat free half and half (I mean really, how can anything with cream be fat free and not 100% chemical??)…not to mention chicken nuggets- except Chik-Fil-A nuggets…they rock! So, grill the hot dogs and eat a S’more and don’t give it another thought!! And Happy Memorial Day to you too!

  2. anymommy May 26, 2008 at 11:11 pm #

    I have to agree. Just enjoy, don’t ponder on the turkey parts. It’s better that way. Looks like a fun day!

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