16 May

You know how sometimes in parenting you just know that what you’re dealing with is payback for something?  Something really annoying you did as a kid…some little pet peeve of your mom’s that you continued just for the fun of it…some noise that you just wouldn’t stop?  You know what I’m talking about. 


Well, payback has hit at my house.  And it looks like this:


Perhaps you’ve heard of the newest tool that beelzebub is using to engage our children; otherwise known as the heely.  They’ve been around a while, I’ve just been avoiding having them in our home because I knew deep down that my sanity would suffer.  Boy, was I right.  She’s obsessed.  I mean, don’t get me wrong, I’m glad I didn’t drop the fifty and then get home to find her already over it and on to something else.  But good grief, this is mother torture at it’s finest.  She is literally heelying from before the clock goes off until well after she should be in bed.  It’s like they’re glued to her feet.  And while she was all “Yes Mom, I’ll take them off right when you say to” before we bought them, now it’s “but Mom, just let me show you one more trick”…and then one more, and one more, and one more.  She’s owned them for a whopping two days and they’re already in jeopardy of permanent removal.  (I have a little toy-relocation project going, and I’ll gladly put these darn things on the top of the pile!)


At this point you might be wondering what I could have possibly done in my oh-so-close-to-angelic childhood to have deserved this payback. 


Here ya go. 



I can testify without question that I spent all of 1980 and most of 1981 in these beauties.  I’m not even gonna beat around the bush; I was incredible.  In my terry cloth shorts with my feathered hair I was IT.  And my best friend was IT too.  She and I beat a path up and down our driveways, back and forth on the sidewalk between our houses, and best of all, in our own personal roller rink:  her garage.  The floor was smooth, the place was clean…and we GROOVED, girlfriend!! 


Now as I remember it, we never played 79AM too loud, and we ALWAYS took our skates off and came in immediately when we were asked.  And we certainly NEVER wore our skates in the house.  (Sacrelig!!) 


It’s possible that my parents would remember it differently.  



3 Responses to “Payback”

  1. janemumey May 17, 2008 at 6:09 pm #

    my best friend and I roller skated in our garage to “Dream Weaver” for a good decade… Maybe my mom should have been lucky enough to live in the “prozac” times?

  2. Barb May 17, 2008 at 9:39 pm #

    Just hide them while she is asleep or at school. Those things aren’t allowed at school are they???

  3. Patrick May 20, 2008 at 12:07 pm #

    “Toy relocation project” – It sounds a little Mommy Dearest to me. Don’t you just love the scene when Joan Crawfard explains to Christina why she “relocated” her doll.

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