Letting Guys Off the Hook – UPDATE

12 May

Just wanted to let y’all know that my man Lane totally rocked it this Mother’s Day.  Let me start by saying that he sometimes reads my blog, and I was worried that he was going to read this one and then either be upset or try to overcompensate somehow.  Anyway, he did not read the blog last week; says he was too busy. 


I had some thoughts as to what would make a nice Mother’s Day gift:  a Barnes and Noble gift card is always welcome, my camera broke recently, and we’re in the process of deciding on a new car, so that would’ve been great.  That’s quite a spectrum, huh?  Well, here he came with a brand new camera!!  Woo hoo!!  I was thrilled!  He did the research and picked it out, and I give him major props ’cause he picked a winner. 


After I opened the gift, I told him about the blog and how he had totally proved me right, which was an extra gift. (I LOVE to be right!) 


To top the whole thing off, Abigail woke him up yesterday and said “Dad, It’s Mother’s Day.  We have to get donuts!”  (We’re not sure if this was something her teacher told her to do or if she came up with it as a ruse to get donuts herself.)  They made the drive to Shipley’s, which is probably about 20 minutes away, and brought my favorite raspberry-filled and chocolate-iced.  I was one happy mama!!


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