English 101

30 Apr

Today is going to be an odds-and-ends kind of post, so I apologize in advance if it’s less than coherent.


First, thanks for all your recommendations on memoirs.  I’m looking forward to plowing through them with my handy-dandy library card.  Have I mentioned how much I love the library these days?  Just in case you’d forgotten, it’s FREE!!  I love free!!


Second, I finished another great book called Belong To Me, by Marisa de los Santos.  I guess this would be classified as chick lit, but if that gives you a bad taste in your mouth let’s just call it fiction.  It’s a hefty book about a girl and her husband who move to the ‘burbs and all the people they encounter there.  It is very intelligently written, the characters are interesting, and I liked it.  Not too heavy, but definitely not fluff.


I also read The Great Gatsby.  I think I’ve mentioned that I’m trying to go back and read all the books I skipped/skimmed in high school.  I still had my original copy sitting on my shelf, with a dog ear right in the middle, meaning I must’ve stopped there and never finished.  I distinctly remember failing a quiz in Ms. McCann’s 11th grade English Class about the symbolism of colors in this book.  It was a matching quiz, with a whole list of colors down one side and the meanings on the other.  So as I read it this time I tried to imagine what those meanings could be.  Can I just say I’ve never been one to see alot of deep stuff in books.  I read it for what it is.  I’d probably still fail the quiz, but it’d be fun to take just for grins.  🙂  Anyway, have you read The Great Gatsby??  It was a very fast read (which again begs the question: Why couldn’t I get through this in high school?) and has quite a twisty little fourth quarter.  I liked it.


Somebody commented recently asking how I have time to read.  Well, I have a deal with Abigail.  I’ll read aloud for about 20 minutes and then we have quiet reading time until she’s ready to go to sleep.  So that usually buys me 20-30 minutes of personal reading.  And then I’m geared up to finish the chapter I’m on, so once she goes to sleep I jump in my bed and keep reading.  It’s my TV lately.  Also I take a book when I go to her activites, and spend about half an hour reading there.  I lead a very exciting life…


Finally, I’ve added some pages to my blog.  You’ll find them listed at the top of my home page or you can click on the links here.  First is my Reading List 2008; just what it says.  Second is a list of book recommendations for girls.  Abigail and I are having a great time reading this year, and I thought it deserved it’s own list.   So enjoy, and feel free to email me/comment with your own recommendations. 


One last thing:  I updated my Miley post from Monday, so check it out below.


Happy Reading!!



One Response to “English 101”

  1. Amy Seay April 30, 2008 at 3:39 pm #

    Yippee for your book recommendation page! I’m always wondering what I missed out on in high school by reading half of every single book assigned. You’ve inspired me to go back and read all of them. The kids and I are reading the Chronicles of Narnia and LOVING it! I never read them as a child, so I’m catching up and the kids get so excited about the story every night. Thanks for all of the suggestions. I too have enjoyed the library. Free is the best! I may be the last one to have learned this little tidbit, but I just found out that if the library does not have the book that you are looking for, they can borrow it from another library. How cool is that?

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